God and the Trinity


God and the Trinity

The theology of the Trinity is unique to Christianity.  No other religions offer the Triune God.  The Trinity is the principle and power of Christian belief.  In the Trinity, there is One God and two divine natures of the One God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are divine but Godself. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are One Being and inseparable from each other because of the work unique to each Existence. We are fully presented by God the Creator, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit at the same time.  Following Jesus in his work on earth without the awareness of the Holy Spirit is incomplete. Presenting the power of the Holy Spirit without the following the life of Jesus is also impossible.  The three different powers of God never can be separately manifested in believer’s life. Therefore, whoever confesses faith in God never can be ignorant to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit.  In the Trinity, one without another is not of God.






There is sun. Sun generates energy in the form of heat, and at the same time, sun gives earth light in the form of rays.  The energy is of sun. The light is also of sun. However, both are not sun itself. When there is the light, there are sun and heat. When there is the heat, there are sun and light. When there is sun, there are its light and heat. This exemplifies the trinity. Sun is the light and heat, and three are inseparable.   No sun exists with one without another.  Three are one, and the one manifests in three different forms.  




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