Knowing God

Knowing God

God is who God is.  We can only speculate who God is.  Knowing God is different from knowing about God.  Knowing God is a personal experience in God as life, while the knowledge about God is a personal enhancement in a religion.  God is the Author of life but religions.  Knowing God produces spiritual fruits in God, while the knowledge about God preserves its religious practice.  Knowing God witnesses Living God, while the knowledge about God keeps God as a lifeless religious hostage.  

The Existence of God

Knowing God starts with an inquiry into the existence of God.  The existence of God must be first examined.  The existence of God has been in question all the time and is often rejected.  Even many believers are sometimes confused about whether God exists.  The best way to claim the existence of God is a quest for the origin of all living life.  A simple question, whether I was created the way I am, or evolved out of sudden cosmic accidents over a few billion years, answers the quest.  This quest is mandatory for all believers because it also identifies the Author of faith.

The evolutionary theory has wiped out the story of creation and the existence of God.  However, experimental theory can never prevail over the experience in God because the experience is not a religious product of human evolution but real-time relativity in GodThis experience is a factor in the existence of God.  Humans are invited to experience God.  God is an eternal Being who exists independently.  God is not subject to an experiment in the laboratory nor environmental factors of the few billion years.  While an experiment is a theoretical belief, an experience is a tangible belief.  The experience in God is initiated by God alone and certainly beyond human intelligence.

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