The World is Aging

The Community of Total Ethos is the Total Partner to Aging Well and the Solution to Housing Crisis in Later Life.

Aging Well Together in Dignity and Security


To preserve the dignity and security in the later life and promote healthy aging among multicultural retirees.


  • Creating a culturally sensitive alternative supportive network

  • Developing culturally sensitive retirement community housing

  • Promoting continuous participation in the community through age-related education, service, and advocacy activities.


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Dignity in Aging

The new definition of aging is here.

Aging is universal and inclusive nature of all living life.  We are aging for average 80 years out of 100 years lifespan, although we tend to believe aging starts at age 65.

Aging is the living life.

No choice is given at birth but in aging.  We together make the choice of aging well.  In the Community of Total Ethos, you are not aging alone. The partnership in aging well will make differences to the world aging.

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Healthy Aging

Alternative supportive  network

The alternative supportive network is a community-wide caregiver development in the place of a community living. You make your own living more than 80 years, and someone you know will take care of you in your oldest age.

Culturally sensitive community living

The Community of Total Ethos creates holistic community living on aging well, and promotes physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially sound stable aging in culture- friendly home settings.

Continuous participation in the world

Retirement expands one’s involvement in self-enrichment through education and activities, and in community return by serving and/or giving for a good cause.  Continuous participation is essential to age well.

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